My Nice Menu is sad
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I've got a drop-down Nice Menu at the top of my Drupal site. Suddenly, instead of highlighting menu parents as active when visiting a page in the submenu, it goes ahead and calls that submenu item active. How can I get it to only keep the menu parent set as active no matter where you are in the submenu?

Something recently happened that changed the behavior of my Nice Menu drop-down. I have seven menu-parents that have drop-down submenus, and then an additional level of flyout tertiary menus from some of those options. So, for example, Parent 1 has Child 1, Child 2, Child 3, Subchild 1, Subchild 2, Child 4 - etcetera. If I am in Child 2, or Subchild 2, Parent 1 should remain active as an indicator of where in the site you are - and it was doing this. Now, if I am in Child 2 or Subchild 2 - that is the specific menu item that will be called as active. The top menuparent isn't classed active at all, so it's not a styling issue. I really have no idea what would fix this.
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What, if anything, has changed on your site recently? Did you install any new modules? Update any modules? Make any changes to the menu structure?

What you describe really sounds like something that would be caused by a code change - either installing another module that affects Drupal menus or classes, or updating a module. If that's the case, the solution would probably be to (at least temporarily) reverse that change.

That said, you might get more specific help over on the Drupal forums. AskMetafilter is terrific for general Drupal questions, but at this level of detail, you might want to try the Nice Menus issue queue or the Post Installation forum.

Good luck!
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