Desktop Computer Decline
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I'm looking into the decline of desktop computer sales and would like the latest percentage figures vs laptops and if possible mobile devices like the iPad.
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Best answer: Gartner has those figures each quarter, just like IDC. Mind you, they are always writing about 'shipments', to the shops, not about the exact sale figures.

But the trend seems to be: desktops are only selling like usual in the business world.
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Best answer: Not exactly what you're asking for, but I think this chart from Redmonk Analytics is a telling early indicator:
First, let’s clarify the source. The data for that chart is taken directly from our RedMonk Analytics product, and represents the net change by percent in operating system share from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2010. For internal data like this, the idea for RedMonk Analytics is simple: we publish a lot of free content aimed at developers. Developers consume that content. By watching for patterns in that volume consumption and applying analytics, we are able to form certain conclusions about developer behaviors.

One of the patterns RedMonk Analytics monitors is operating system traction [RedMonk Analytics subscribers: see the "What is Being Used?" report]. With the caveat that we’re merely monitoring consumption behaviors – what developers are reading our content on rather than what they’re actually coding on – a pattern is emerging. Mobile’s gaining, which is not a surprise. What was less expected was the fact that it appears to be gaining primarily at the expense of Windows.
tl;dr - the (typically agile, open source-ish) coders who use Redmonk's free content are much less interested in reading about Windows and much more interested in reading about Android, iPad and iPhone than they were twelve months ago.
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Check out recent presentations from Mary Meeker:

Internet trends (Nov 2010), her last preso while with Morgan Stanley.

Top Mobile Internet Trends (Feb 2011), her first preso since joining Kleiner Perkins
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There have also been several recent stories on the digital divide and evidence that minorities access the web through mobile devices at a much higher rate than whites, who are more likely to own full PCs:

A lot of the statistics you come across for internet use (in the US, at least) are going to originate with Pew Internet, so you might want to start there.
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