Resetting a ring in Boston?
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Can you recommend a jeweler in Boston to reset a stone on a tight deadline?

I have a star sapphire ring that has immense sentimental value, but I would love to have the stone reset. The current ring is a thin, delicate, gold setting that is too small and not my style. The prongs are very easily bent, and I never wear it because I almost lost the stone once before. I have ideas about how I would like to have it reset, mostly from this thread years ago, but have no clue where to go to have this done.

I'm getting married in May, and would absolutely love to have it reset so I can wear it as my "something blue." But where do I start? Have you had a stone reset? How long did it take? Can you recommend a trust-worthy, reliable jeweler in the greater Boston area who would be good for this? As mentioned, I'm deeply attached to this stone, and am hesitant to let it out of my sight. I'm a bit handy/crafty, and know you can buy settings online, but would that be a crazy idea?

Thanks in advance for any and all advice!!
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My husband had my engagement ring made at Infinite Creations in Arlington (you can get there by T to Alewife or bus if you don't want to drive). It's held up quite well to the amount of abuse I've put in under. One prong is bent now, but that's because I routinely smack my hand really hard into walls and doors. And even with the prong bent, the stone isn't going anywhere.
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We got our wedding jewelry at Bedrosians. They're in the jewelers building in Downtown Crossing. They were pretty good and did the little "extras" you appreciate, like cleaning the engagement ring when you picked up the wedding ring and then cleaning it before the wedding again, free.
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Go to Washington Street in Downtown crossing. Go to The Jewelers' building and go to any jeweler on the upper floors. Very reasonble and could probably do it while you wait.
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As for buying a setting online, it's not a crazy idea, but you'll likely still need a jeweller to set it for you. (One data point: I had a pair of stones set in some very basic, four-prong earrings, and it cost me $20 in Ontario. It took about 15 minutes.)

The trick to buying a setting (or a mounting) is knowing how large your current stone is -- and that includes the depth of the stone as well as its surface area.

The deadline you're looking at really shouldn't be an issue, especially if you're not having the setting made from scratch, but are instead ordering one through a jeweller (most jewellers will have a number of catalogues you can flip through) or buying one from an online source. Even if you want a completely original, hand-made mounting, you can probably find a jeweller to do it in that timeframe.

If you're looking for mounting, here's a place to start. I haven't purchased mountings here, but I have purchased two pairs of earrings and a pair stones (those mentioned above). All were as described and the prices were very, very fair. Often there are really, really good sales. The one cavaet is that this place tends to stock sample size seven. A jeweller ordering from a catalogue should be able to order you a ring in something resembling your correct size.

Even if you don't order online, you can look at what's offered and have an idea of what you're looking for so that when you go into a jeweller's you'll have a basic starting point.

The other thing you'll have to keep in mind is that since your stone is a cabochon you'll need to get a mounting that is designed for that cut.
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A good friend worked at Descenza's, and she took a few items of mine to be worked on. She said they also sometimes used A Guy in their building -- which is the Jewelers' Building that Gungho mentions. So another vote for that.

Mall jewelers suck.
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As mentioned, I'm deeply attached to this stone, and am hesitant to let it out of my sight.

No reputable jeweler is going to lose your stone or steal your stone. My go-to jewelers have to date been Fairbank and Perry in Concord and Daniel Spirer in Cambridge, but they're on the pricy side.
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