Help these teen girls
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Help a mom and two teen girls plan a trip

Need your help for the girls' road trip - for funky, interesting and quirky things to do along the north, South Carolina coastline? For people driving from NY along 95 heading toward Charleston?
The girls are 17, bright, fun and like the offbeat.
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You're going to see multiple billboards for "South of the Border" on your way. I highly recommend stopping there, just so you can say you've been there, which is an amusing shared experience you and your daughters will have with everyone else who's driven that route down 95.
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30 miles west of I-95 is a little town called Bishopville, SC. There are two fabulous things to see:

1. Pearl Fryar's Topiary Gardens
Fabulous, self-taught artist has sculpted fabulous trees and bushes and made a remarkable garden. He is the subject of the documentary A Man Named Pearl, and the gardens look even better now. He's wonderful, and will talk to you about the gardens and what he's doing.

2. The Button King
His kids built him a little musuem for his button art (the hearse, the car, the outhouse, the coffins, the guitar, the clothes, etc), which is fun to see. He is a kick in the pants, and loves to talk about his experience. Have him show you his appearance on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Plus, there's a decent BBQ place in town for lunch.
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Nothing specific because I don't know the area, but when I was that age and took road trips with my mom, my clearest memories are from little antique stores, salvage shops, and used clothing stores we visited. A strange scarf or a jar of antique buttons is a way cooler souvenir than a t-shirt from a restaurant. So if you pass anything that catches the eye, give it a stop.
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