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How can I get evaluated for ADHD in New York City with out-of-state insurance?

No idea how this sort of thing works. I am pretty certain that I have ADHD or something similar and am interested in getting evaluated and pursuing treatment if necessary. My insurance is Harvard Pilgrim (Massachusetts) through one of my parents, under the new laws extending the age at which you may remain under your parents' insurance. I'm going back to school in the fall and would really like to deal with this issue before then.

What are my options? Am I going to need to travel to Massachusetts to do any of this? Getting a more local HMO isn't really a possibility-- I can't afford at this time to get any insurance other than that through my parent, which is free to me.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Contact these people and ask them if they take your insurance: http://nyp.org/psychiatry/

They are on the Upper East Side
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Didn't someone recently answer a similar questing saying that Lenox Hill Hospital does testing on a sliding scale? Chances are they take insurance.
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Out of state insurance might not matter. Have you called the insurance company to see if you have mental health benefits out of state? They may be able to accommodate you and give you a list of providers in NYC.
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