Copy-right free hip-hop beats and loops?
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Where can you find copyright free high-quality hip hop beats and loops to be used for rapping over? Something that could be used in an iPhone application that will be submitted to the appstore. Prefereably high-quality wav format and fresh!
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The only thing I can think of that's close to what you want is CCMixter. I think there are a couple more community sites in that vein that I can't recall, but those are all Creative Commons Copyright, which have varying restrictions depending on the author/file. Most allow for non-commercial use, but it might be harder to find samples that are free for commercial use as well.

But there's also a whole market of sample CDs (or probably now digital download bundles) for the sole purpose you describe. When purchased, those loop/sample bundles allow you to use them for commercial songs. Bundles range from $5-$100+, but are often pretty bare, and intended to be layered together in a sequencing application.
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You could also try
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The problem with sample CDs is that they are licensed for creative works: albums, bed music, etc. Using the beats in an app might fall under the category of redistribution, which the licenses generally prohibit.
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