What happened to Amazon's requirements for their textbook buyback program?
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Last semester, I purchased a few textbooks brand new from Amazon. The deal was an amazing buyback if they were purchased brand new. Was I dreaming??

I can't find any information about his deal, only that they have an awesome buyback on the same book now, even if it is purchased used. Which is a $90 difference to me at this point.

Anyone else who purchased textbooks through Amazon lately remember this?

I can understand that there are only "best offers" from merchants on buybacks for the books, but why the previous requirement to buy brand new?
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I purchased four textbooks from Amazon last semester (most used, I believe), and then mailed three of them back last month through their buyback program (the fourth one was worth keeping). I don't recall how much I got for the cheaper books, but I remember that I was able to sell the most expensive one ($110 used) for $86. The shipping labels were free (or rather, presumably deducted from the price); I just had to print them.
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I also sold a couple of older textbooks not purchased through Amazon (I just searched for their titles), the price you get is not any different.
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What halogen said - I also priced mine through an on-campus book buyback and they were giving 40-50% less than Amazon for the used books.
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The prices you get from their their buyback program are the best you're going to get from them. You're not dreaming, though - they promise a whole lot when paying a ton for textbooks through their site.
Bigwords.com has a buyback site comparison tool. Amazon usually ends up on top of the list though, but the problem is that you only get Amazon credit - not cash - through their program. They do pay shipping hassle-free, though.
If you don't get satisfactory prices there, try your local Craigslist before the start of a semester, since chances are your professor will be using the same book for his current classes. More work, but if you really need the cash...
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