What is wrong with my Calengoo!?
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What happened to my iPad Calengoo?!?!

For three months my Calengoo app has been working swimmingly between my iPhone, iPad, and gmail accounts. I do not have MoblieMe, and have not subscribed to it for over a year so that's not an issue. Syncing has worked beautifully before tonight! I typically change calendar events several times a day either on my phone or iPad, whichever is more convenient at the time.

Tonight, I was using my iPad in and it slipped out of my grasp while I was using the Calengoo app. On the way down the screen hit my forearm...I think I wiped my entire calendar clean! BUT, all my appointments still show up on my iPhone.

How do I get my calendar to re-sync with my iPad??? I have tried "syncing now" with now luck. I know I can manually input my events in my iPad again -- but there has got to be an easier way.

Help! (This is the first time I've ever, in maybe 8 years, had a Mac issue I haven't been able to solve on my own in one minute or less...)

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Since no one has offered any other advice, I'll just tell you what I've done for a couple of other troublesome apps.

First, check tha there isn't a reset cache button in the iPad system settings. Second, double tap the home button and When the list of running apps appears at the bottom, press/hold on on the calendar app and then quit it with the red minus sign. Lastly, I've found that deleting and reinstalling has worked.
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