What is this song?
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The chorus (sung by a woman) went something like: "Affair, affair - J'taime I love." Searching for those lyrics doesn't seem to help. I heard it often on JWAVE in Tokyo in about the early '90s, but it wasn't from Japan. Anyone?
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Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg - Je T'Aime... Moi Non Plus ?
Also recorded by Nick Cave and Anita Lane?

Or perhaps a recording of L'Anamour, another Serge Gainsbourg, which was recorded by Francoise Hardy at some point, as well as the band Ivy, and I think Jane Birkin released a recording of it, although Serge Gainsbourg sings it on the album they did together.
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Bingo! Thanks JBJ. Misty Oldland it was. I never knew the name. Nor the face, which would have been hard to forget. I also didn't know that beside being a catchy sex-tinged romp it was also a female empowerment thing. The things you learn. I'd wondered about this for 15 years. Finally put the question up here and, bang, two minutes later I know more about the song and the source than I did back then. And I'm glad to hear my '90s taste in music, in this case, holds up. Or maybe I've calcified. But I still think it's a great song.
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