Do you remember these?
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Hoping someone can help identify 2 movies from my distant past. It's been bugging me for a long time because I can't find the titles on the internets.

One is a vampire-type movie I saw as a child. It was B&W and took place in a jungle (probably faux Africa). A voodoo lady keep her youth by killing men (possibly only young men) with a ring and I think drinking their blood. White couple comes to see tribe and witnesses blood drinking ceremony, and the voodoo lady turning magically younger. Somehow the white woman gets ring and I think the first man she sacrifices is her husband. Don't remember much else except that white woman can't find more men to kill and dies when blood voodoo wears off.

The second is a May-December romance gone bad where older woman seduces younger man. In the beginning, she is the dominant one. This is shown in the movie by young man trapped, so to speak, by triangle formed by woman holding her arm to her head. Later, woman falls for young man and he becomes the dominant one. This movie is also B&W. Actress was blond bombshell type. Guy was possibly kinda Guido.

Thanks for any help.
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First one is The Leech Woman.
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That's it. I watched the trailer and it was spot on. Thanks. Apparently MST3K did a spoof on it and it's on YT. *goes to make popcorn*
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Is the second one The Graduate? This shot is one of the most recognizable in cinema; it's a leg, though, not an arm. And it's not in black and white.

What year did you see the movie?
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Is the second The Lady Eve? Here's the scene I was reminded of by your description.
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No, it wasn't the Graduate, but the scene I'm thinking of was similar to that scene. My best recollection was that the woman was standing above him, looking down -- maybe she was on a short ladder. This movie likely older than the Graduate and the female character was probable in her mid to late thirties and the guy was in his early to mid 20s.

It's not The Lady Eve either, but I do love that movie.

This movie was probable set more of a late 50's or early to mid 60's based on what I remember about the hairstyles and clothes.

It had a minimalist feel. I remember it being in English, but maybe it was French?
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All that Heaven Allows?
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No -- the actors in this movie were not names one would recognize.
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