Need to stalk down these jeans before the ones I have wear out
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How can I find more jeans from this obscure clothing company?

Over two years ago, I was at some random hole-in-the-wall urban/hip hop clothing shop somewhere in the NYC metro area. I can't remember the name of the store, but it definitely wasn't a large chain.

I got a pair of jeans that I LOVE. It's insanely hard for me to find pants I like, *especially* jeans, and once I do I just get the same brand over and over. I actually haven't found any jeans I've liked enough to buy in the two years since then.

At the time though, I was a broke student and could only afford one pair. Now I have some money and I'd like to get a few more.

The label says "hammer U.S.A." Here is a photo of the label. I have googled several times and always come up short. At best I can sometimes find an eBay result or two, of a pair of pants that isn't like mine/isn't my size. How can I find this company and get more of my jeans from them?
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I'm probably wrong about this, but maybe hammer isn't the company? Is that "7" the size? Or maybe it's 7 jeans?

Also, there's hammer clothing. But they don't seem to be USA jeans.
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Yep, 7 is the size, they're definitely not Seven Jeans the brand. And yeah, I don't think that is the company ... totally different style, this is going to be more of an urban brand than a Gap-type brand.
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Hammer Jeans USA (many styles at that website)
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If you look at this ebay listing (size 7, by the way) it shows two types and styles of labels. One looks like the one you posted. The other (on the inside and outside of the waistband) says "Hammer Jeans USA" in a different font. Searching for that phrase gets quite a few hits, and also contact info for the company (if it's the same one... the photo shows a third font).
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Very very promising, thank you!
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FWIW I'm getting an antivirus warning from Houstonian's second link there from offending link is hxxp://

This link should work safely for the contact info in question.
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