Nuclear War! Giant Mutant Vegetables! The Comic Pages?
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Does anyone remember this newspaper comic strip from the 1970's? It focused on life after a nuclear war, complete with sentient mutant vegetables.

AskMe is becoming my go to source for nostalgia. Yet another childhood memory I've been wondering about for years.

Back in the 70's the South Middlesex Daily News (now The Metrowest News), heavily promoted a new comic strip. The strip revolved around the wacky misadventures of a survivor of a nuclear war. Besides wiping out most of humanity, it turns out the radiation turned vegetables sentient, oh and human-sized.

The strip was drawn in a very sparse style. I'm sure most of the humor went over my head. I do remember him meeting a woman; but his hopes to repopulate the planet were dashed when it turned out she was a nun.

Anyone have any idea what this strip was called?
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Yeah... something like The Great Atomic Aftermath and Fresh Fruit Festival, I believe, or something very much like that.... I can find out. Hold the phone.
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That's it! There isn't much available information online but at least I have a name.

Ask Metafilter comes through again.
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More: The artist was James (Jim) Schumeister. His strip "Levy's Law" was syndicated 1979-84 - centered around the life of a (female, Jewish) police officer. I believe he is in Saint Paul MN, but not cartooning any longer.
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