My name is Laura, and I am not afraid.
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Late '90s, '98-2001, Boston, local band. A female vocalist, and the lyrics: "My name is Laura, and I am not afraid!" - "You can crush my spirit, yes, you can crush my spirit, I am not afraid!" Google has failed me, now you are my only hope...
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Mistle Thrush maybe?
posted by princelyfox at 5:10 AM on February 20, 2011

Letters to Cleo?
posted by Cat Pie Hurts at 5:29 AM on February 20, 2011

Try asking at The Noise.
posted by Gungho at 6:22 AM on February 20, 2011

What genre of music did the band perform?
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Boston-style power-punk, had a female vocalist and a really catchy hook. I heard it all of once on the alternative station's local product segment. Don't remember if it was FNX or not.
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I can't find any evidence to support this, but I read the question and got a strong sense that it's the Mudhens. I did discover that the singer's name was "Carla," which is a name that your memory might switch with "Laura." The general description of the band that you remember certainly fits. They used to play Harper's Ferry quite a lot if that was a place that you frequented.
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Lead singer of Letters To Cleo was Kay Hanley, so probably not who you're looking for.
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The chourus was "My name is Laura, I am not afraid" - I don't think the singer's name was actually Laura.
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