Sprite animation editor for OS X?
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My Google-Fu has failed me. I'm looking for a way to create animated sprites and/or tiles for old-school 16-bit-style games... on a Mac.

TileStudio is exactly the sort of thing I need, but it's Windows-only. Any suggestions for something similar on the Mac side? I don't need any of the fancy tile-mapping capabilities - just something where I can put down pixels and preview animations easily.
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posted by Rothko at 11:37 AM on April 23, 2005

Best answer: Pixen and Reptile from the Open Sword Group might be worth a look, but I'm not sure that they handle animation (yet).
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I second chrismear's vote for Pixen. It doesn't do animation, but it does rule, and the developers are super nice and open to suggestions. Pixen would be a good place to draw the sprites; you could then use one of the other programs listed by Rothko to animate them, or animate them in Flash.

I also highly recommend So You Want To Be A Pixel Artist, although it seems to be down at the moment. It's a great tutorial for sprite animation.
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Response by poster: Pixen is absolutely what I was looking for - thank you very much.
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