Did Steve Jobs ever publicly comment on jailbreaking iPhones?
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A shameful failing of my Googling ability leads me to ask: Did Steve Jobs ever make a public statement about his feelings on "jailbreaking" iPhones? I see second hand quotes, but couldn't find anything solid.
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In 2007: "When asked by a journalist whether unlocking was a concern for the company, Jobs said, "It's a constant cat and mouse game," according to ComputerWorld's account of the discussion. "We try to stay ahead. People will try to break in, and it's our job to stop them breaking in."
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Houstonian - that is awesome and almost exactly it, though I am still hoping that he had something specifically about jailbreaking - allowing user created software to run on the iPhone pre-App Store days. Unlocking allows the phone to use non-ATT SIM cards, so it wasn't quite the same thing. I have a feeling this might be the closest I can get, though.
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