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PlayStation3 has stopped playing with Netflix. I have done the fixes I found on internet and set a help request to Playstation. However, if y'all have the solution, it would saving me waiting for Playstation to get back to me.

I turn on the PS3 and select me to log-on. Under the video menu, I chose the Netflix icon. The red Netflix loading screen flashes and I get a black Sign In screen where I enter my Playstation log-in information. (It used to be saved and set to log-in automatically, but that is no longer true since getting the error message). I get an error message reading :

You must select [Playstation Network]> [Sign In] and sign in to continue using PlayStation Network. If a game or software is running quit the software then perform this operation (8002A240).

When I hit “ok” to exit the error window, the Log In screen comes back, with the Netflix menu loaded beneath it. I cannot play the Netflix, and I cannot get rid of the log-in screen. Searching this error code at returns no results. Likewise, i can't find this error code in basic internet searches. Turning the PS3 off and on yields no results.

The internet has suggested deleting and reinstalling the Netflix app, which I have done, and suggested making sure the date and time are correct (they are). I could do a hard reset, but I would like to avoid that.

There is no disc in the drive, but I have been able to play DVDs and games just fine. I haven't installed any other applications or anything.
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Did you try re-signing in to PSN before you run Netflix?

Just the other day, I had to re-sign in and re-agree to their EULA in order to do anything PSN-related (Netflix included), which I think is in regards to their anti-hacking crusade.
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Yes, this happened to me yesterday.

I went to PlayStation network (in the Main Menu) and then chose Log In (the exact wording may be off, but that's the gist).

When I tried to log in, it had me accept their new EULA. Then and only then did my Netflix work.
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Thank you *so* *much*. kicks tech support's ass once again.
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There was an update tithe os. You need to d/l that then sign in like above
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