I swear it was not a dream.
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Warning: extreme long shot searchfilter. I am trying to find a video I saw online a number of years ago, and despite best efforts, have not been able to locate it.

I saw a video online, years ago. Anywhere between 6 and 11 years ago. Unfortunately, I don't remember all that much from it. Here is what I do remember: it was very arty, and involved riding horses on the beach, galloping, men and women in ancient-mediterranean-times-looking costumes, sex, whipping with whips. No words were spoken. Prominent sounds of hooves of galloping horses. Highly stylized. Quite bizarre, and very arty.

What it definitely was not: pr0n.

Sadly, that's all I remember, other than it was quite awesome in its weirdness.

I don't remember at all where I saw it, except it was online. I'd like to see it again. I searched everywhere, and I have not been able to find it. If the hive-brain locates it, I would be highly impressed.
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Very long shot: a trailer for The Fall?
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Sounds like it could have been part of the Cremaster Cycle?
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Could it have been the very arty 1995 version of 'Venus in Furs'? I saw a clip somewhere once and seem to recall ancient costumes, horses and a chariot, and other things you mentioned. It's in black and white by the way if that helps.

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I would suggest a segment of Fellini's Satyricon, but I don't remember horses featuring in that with any prominence.

Can you tell us more about the video? How long was it? Color or B&W? Was it a single, coherent narrative, or more fragmented? Did it look like it had been made in the 1990s/2000s, or was it older than that?
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Response by poster: No Arnold. Not Zardoz. Not Satyricon. No famous movie and in fact, was not part of a feature film, period, I don't believe, and definitely not something with known actors. It was a video. It didn't have any logical narrative, it was more dreamlike with subliminal logic. The aesthetic was more like a commercial for a perfume or some haute couture thing, but with no product to push, and no real logic apart from the bizarro dream world - so the Cremaster Cycle would be closer to it, except not quite so high-budget and not so sfx-heavy. And no animation/tronic elements, all real actors and real locations maybe a few video effects. Not B&W (it was definitely color), as to length, don't have a clear memory, but I *don't* believe it was more than 10 minutes.

Mostly what stuck in my mind was the psychological effect: it starts out seeming preposterous, like those imaginary worlds in perfume ads, but then you notice a subliminal logic that's quite compelling, sequences like: male and female models/actors kissing in toga-like costumes, galloping on horses along a beach, then the guy pulls out whip and whips, all to the sound of galloping hooves, elements of S&M, no dialogue at all, wordless with little if any music. Very, very compelling stuff in a kind of a dreamworld way. I can't remember the sequence. It's possible it was something like this: a man on a horse, galloping, galloping, galloping along the beach (this is quite hypnotic and fairly extended), then he comes upon a woman lying on the beach, pulls out his whip and there's some mild S&M sequence.

It's been killing me, trying to find it.
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Best answer: I googled "horses on beaches whips video" and this is what I found. Is this the one?
(OMG. WTF? and more importantly, NSFW. I think.)
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Response by poster: OK, OK, OK, OK, OK - OH MY GOD!! YES! YES! YES! This is it!!!!!

I so totally misremembered! But when I saw it - yes, this is IT!!!!!!

Oh MY GOD prenominal you are now my personal Jesus and I shall worship you as such!

I lost all hope of ever finding it! Yes this is it! ASKMEFI IS AWESOME!!

But I find it hilarious just how horribly I misremembered the content!

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what. the.fuck.
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How does that guy look like Jason Jones to me?
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It's a cross between an Old Spice ad and "Invisible Light".
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