Looking for Gursky Schiphol Airport Poster.
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A similar question has been asked before but I am looking for a Gursky poster for my apt- ideally (one of) the Schiphol airport series.

I can only find the 99 cent store print at MoMa here in NYC (which I don't want bc it reminds me too much of what I see when I go outside everyday!) but I was wondering if I might have better luck at the Tate modern (going there in spring) or Saatchi Gallery. (although both online stores indicate no.). If not, looking for modern art print that is sizable, and maybe nature based? (have damien hirst pharmacy, and a rothko print in pale colors in same room). Thanks!
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Bummer, no answers. Will look around at Tate Modern for something similar. Thanks.
posted by bquarters at 2:25 PM on March 25, 2011

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