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Polly Toynbee writes a newspaper column from a left-wing /social democratic perspective. Who would be her centre and right-wing newspaper/magazine counterparts?
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Melanie Phillips is not really comparable. Her columns (especially recently) are much more populist, reactionary and tabloid. For a more developed and analytical viewpoint and better writing in general, you probably want to look in the Times, the FT and maybe the Spectator.
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Melanie Phillips is a certifiable loon whose stock in trade is now the kind of shrieking the world is falling in and only I can see it rhetoric we used to dismiss from national newspapers and go to watch at Hyde Park. For all her detractors, Polly Toynbee is absolutely not in the same category.

Some more well known right wing commentators include Simon Heffer and Charles Moore.

A less hard right winger would be Peter Oborne, who might not self style himself as right wing these days but he has been for most of his career. By contrast, Nick Cohen has traditionally positioned himself as a man of the left, but increasingly looks more like a conservative columnist.
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Yep, Charles Moore (ex-Torygraph editor) is probably on the best-known of the Spectator's columnists.
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Forgot the link (ex-Torygraph editor).
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Ploughing a bit of his own furrow is the philosopher John Gray, who was associated with the right in the Thatcher years but has come out strongly against neo-liberalism, so not sure where you'd ut him these days, though given that me link is to the New Statesman maybe the centre-left are claiming him.
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