Protect Kindle DX from drops?
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What's the best bet to protect my Kindle DX from my accidentally dropping it? A hard-shell case? Some kind of case with wrist straps? Any particular recommendations?
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I have the smaller Kindle and have been very happy with this type of case:

I basically treat the thing like a regular book, and haven't had any problems after knocking it onto the bathroom floor, falling asleep on top of it, etc. The elastic band holding the cover shut is especially useful.
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I second the above. The case is massively overpriced, but it does the job well.
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I've dropped my DX twice with a leather cover (opens like a book - currently unavailable at Amazon) with no lasting damage other than a tiny piece of plastic broken off on an edge. Considering both drops were onto a travertine floor, I can honestly recommend that a cover will definitely help keep it safe!
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Obviously none of the above have toddlers in the house. I have the lighted leather cover with closure strap -- but my almost 2YO son grabbed it, threw it, and it broke.

What about an Otterbox?
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