Where can I find furniture hardware like in this picture?
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Where can I find furniture hardware like in this picture?

I am making a media console to look like this one:

Here (~2mb image)

Where can I find some door pulls like this? Or anything in a similar rustic-y hammered metal sort of style? I'm not having much luck looking around.

The ones in the pick are approximately 5" tall.

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So I searched for "Arts and Crafts" style door pulls and got this:



http://www.rockler.com/c/knobs-pulls.cfm which lead to http://www.rockler.com/product.cfm?page=16749

Searches for "Craftsmen" or "Mission" style should work too.
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It looks like that is called a "pendant" pull.
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hmm ... are you okay buying on the internet or are you looking for something irl? if internet = Y, try poking around this google search and see if it gets you closer!

on preview, "stickley" is another search term that works.
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Lee Valley
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Rockler is a good place to start. A few more places that do Arts & Crafts cabinet hardware... I've ordered from all of the following, and each provides excellent products and service:

Lee Valley
Horton Brasses
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Response by poster: Using your suggestions, I think I found something that will work great.


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