how can i commission a little painting?
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my friend has a photo (not this one, but one that's similar in that there are lots of different characters doing zany things) that she wants turned into a mini painting. etsy alchemy is 'being phased out,' apparently. how could she find an artist who is willing to paint this for her?

do you know where she could find an artist, or forums of artists who would want to take a commission for work like this?

is there anything in particular she should keep in mind when commissioning this work?

we're in montreal, if it matters, but obviously the power of the internets makes this just an incidental.

thank you, wonderful hive.
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Lots and lots of Etsy artists do custom work. Simply search 'custom portrait' or 'custom painting' on Etsy, look at the artists that show up, pick a couple that match well with the style of what she's looking for, and send them convos. You'll be seeking out the artists you want, which is actually more likely to get good results than an alchemy request anyway -- you could get a dozen alchemy bids but not like the style of any of the artists, and this way you pick out the ones you like right from the start.
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Etsy Alchemy may be going away, but there are still painters on Etsy who will take commissions. She'll just need to find one she likes and contact the artist. Look for the ones who have "request custom item" linked in their shop profile.
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And there are a zillion internet based businesses that will produce a painting from a photo. Type "custom oil painting" into any search engine.
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is there anything in particular she should keep in mind when commissioning this work?

It depends what style she wants. If she wants a scene like that rendered realistically its 30hrs work at least. Prepare to pay, or aim for a vectory, pop art or silhouette style interpretation.
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