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Do you have any experience with ChiWalking? Has it helped you prevent / recover from injuries? Helped you get fit? Made your life awesome?

I'm obese (about 75 pounds over a healthy weight) and have started walking. I know walking isn't for weight loss per se, but there are lots of other benefits to regular exercise and I want those, too.

However, the last time I was on a walking program, about eight weeks in I injured my knee and it completely derailed my weight loss efforts. A marathoner friend has recommended ChiWalking as a way to prevent injuries. In your experience, is buying the DVD and book a worthwhile purchase to help me make this a lifelong habit and prevent knee injuries? Is ChiWalking great, but I should invest in a personal coach and/or lessons?
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I have no experience with ChiWalking but I think I enjoy a similar "awareness" through barefoot style running. I was 40 pounds overweight when I started running but suffered a couple of injuries to my left ankle and knee that stalled my progress. I switched to Vibram Bikilas and have found they help me analyze my form more accurately than I could in heavy soled, higher heeled runners. I've discovered that I wasn't rotating my hips evenly and since correcting that, my knee has been getting better and better. So I say, "go for it" but start very slow and build all the little muscles and tendons that you haven't been using fully. Barefooting forces you to be careful because you'll f*ck yourself up pretty quickly if you over do it.
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One of my co-workers (who is far heaver than you) has had a lot of success with ChiWalking. Check your library for the DVDs, I think that's where she got hers. I also second bonobothegreat, using a minimally padded shoe can really improve your gait. Maybe start with some Nike Frees, used on grassy paths. Good luck, its hard to make wellness changes, and you're succeeding!
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Response by poster: Thanks bononbo and NP! I've put the book on hold at the library. Your comments about reducing the padding on my shoes is really interesting. I'm going to look for some ChiWalking expertise in my area.
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