Will there be a new high capacity iPod soon?
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My trusty 60gig iPod finally bit the dust. Capacity is crucial to me. Should I buy a new 160gig iPod Classic, or is there a general consensus that Apple will be releasing something new soon for the high-capacity iPod crowd?
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If you want a Classic, then probably soon. If you want a Touch, probably not.
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On the other hand, if you want the Classic's size, you may want to insure you get one.
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I certainly wouldn't want to attempt to predict what Apple is going to do, but I doubt very much that they will discontinue the classic iPod. I saw figures recently (sorry, I can't support this with a link/reference) that said that the iPod classic accounts for something like 25% of all iPod sales.

Given that capacity is the biggest advantage that the classic has over the other iPod models, unless they are about to pull the sheets off something with a substantially larger capacity than the current solid state iPods, I expect Apple will keep the classic around for a while longer.
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I believe Apple refreshes all its iPods (including the Touch) in September; the Touch obviously inherits whatever razzle-dazzle had been added to the iPhone around June, so with that you can take educated guesses as to what the Touch will look like a little bit ahead of time. Harder to say with the Classic, which obviously is not where Apple's heart is these days.

The question is, how much capacity do you want/need, and how long can you wait?
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I would be surprised if the Classic were refreshed before the fall iPod event and I wouldn't be surprised if it were quietly fazed out at the fall iPod event. I guess what I'm trying to say is, feel free to spring for one now.
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As someone who is trying to replace my 5th gen 16gig nano...once Apple discontinues something, it becomes prohibitive to buy it. People hate the new micro nano, so the price for old gen has now doubled. Even the Apple store was sold out of refurbished models that they were listing at higher than original list price.

The 5th gen nano, new in box costs as much as a new touch. So, if you think the classic is going the way of the dodo, I'd get one now. Or, like me, you'll be switching to another vendor. Cause I don't want/need a iPhone lite...and that seems to be the only choice they want to give users that want something bigger than a shuffle.
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How did it bite the dust? Depending on the model, parts are plentiful and cheap. You can keep an iPod going for a long time and get some pretty big drives in there. For example, if your 60 was a Gen 5.5, you could do this.
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Best answer: My 60GB iPod died a couple of months ago and I didn't hesitate to grab a 160GB Classic.

The 160GB Classic is a lot cheaper than the 64GB iPod Touch, so unless you're keen to watch a lot of video (where the iPod Touch's significantly larger screen would be a big plus) or use your iPod as a portable gaming machine/PDA (where the App Store is a big advantage, provided that you're content to let Apple dictate what software you can run on your computer) I'd say that you should go for the higher capacity of the Classic.

There aren't any solid hints of what's to come with the next refresh, but I'd guess that if anything the Classic is in danger of being phased out in favour of a higher-capacity (and even more expensive) iPod Touch model. With iOS having been such a success on the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, I can easily imagine Apple ditching all their non-iOS mobile devices.
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I just had a 160gb classic semi-flake on me (won't allow more than 32 GB of music on it although it reports the right capacity)

I'm a bit tempted by the new 160 GB Cowon X7 which is said to have much better audio quality, plays more formats and has the movie playback etc of the touch. Possible best of both worlds?
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My trusty 60gig iPod finally bit the dust. Capacity is crucial to me. Should I buy a new 160gig iPod Classic...

If capacity is crucial, go for the iPod that gives you 100 gigs more than what you had before.

Otherwise, your option is to wait until September and see what Apple releases.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the great answers. What a helpful place.

Sounds as though I'll be heading to the store soon for a 160gig classic.
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I know its like a month later, but how did you iPod die? If its an iPod Video and just the drive just died, you can purchase a 240GB drive for it here:

Good luck!
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