Where to have a desert bonfire near Santa Barbara?
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What's a good place to have a bonfire in the desert near Santa Barbara?

We are looking for a place to go and build a bonfire this weekend (tomorrow night) near Santa Barbara, CA. Can you recommend somewhere that's not too far and in a beautiful desert location that allows fire.

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Do you mind hiking into it?
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If you don't mind hiking in, Haskalls Beach is the popular spot.
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Given the recent rains and time of year, this is probably not a problem, but obviously only do this where it's allowed--since the Santa Barbara mountains routinely catch flame and have caused serious damage.
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If you want actual desert, you're in for a drive towards the Mojave, which is a ways from Santa Barbara. Beaches are a bit easier to come by in Santa Barbara.
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You're going to have to give a better description of what "near Santa Barbara", or "not too far" means to you, because to get to any kind of desert from there, you're pretty much looking at a minimum one-way drive of an hour, most likely over two, and that's before taking into consideration anyplace that would allow an open fire. Also, it's supposed to rain this weekend, which might damper your enjoyment.
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You can have a big campfire at a brushy site near the beach or a sneaky the-cops-probably-won't-bug-you fire on the beach of McGrath State Beach here in Ventura. But it's supposed to be a wet weekend. Fortunately, there's a roller derby double header going on Saturday too, indoors. ;)
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The closest desert to you where you can get away with open fire really is kind of far, probably some BLM land in Kern County east of Tehachapi. Sadly, it will also be pretty chilly (highs in the 40s), and possibly wet there this weekend.
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Yeah, as others have said, fires and California don't go together very well. I live in the desert (near Joshua Tree National Park) and wildfire is a major hazard here. Make sure to check with the fire agency that has jurisdiction over whatever area you're in to see IF it is even permissible and if a fire permit is needed. If you were to just light a bonfire in my neck of the woods (or desert), you'd be very lucky if a serious ass-kicking by the locals was all the grief you received.
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I do understand that fire can be a hazard here, and I don't want to be irresponsible, within about 3 hours drive would count as close for the purposes of this question.
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Red Rock Canyon state park north of Mojave, absolutely beautiful serious desert. You can have a campfire there.
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Don't forget the Adventure Pass if you are going to be in Los Padres National Forest, the hills north and northeast of SB.
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