Restaurant Spike?
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When I was a child, the diner my family frequented had a tiny spike by the register where your bill would be impaled after you paid. I'd like the same spike in my home to hold receipts (I have two people using one debit card, eek...) but I can't find it anywhere. I've tried google, restaurant and office supplies sites. I'm a good searcher, but I have the feeling that my inability to find it stems from not knowing what it's called at all. Can anyone help?
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Spindle. As in do not bend, fold, spindle or mutilate.
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poking around on google a bit, it seems "spindle files" is slightly more specific.
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(but every google hit seems to be a safety warning!)
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They don't use (maybe don't make) the ones that point straight up any more. People used to occasionally trip and fall on them, killing themselves, or jam it through their hand. The newer style has a U shape at the top.
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They have them at Staples, but they're neutured with a plastic safety cap.
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I have definitely seen them at large office supply stores, like Staples, near the desk accessories.
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Have you tried froogle. It is Google but for e-commerce sites.
Take a look.
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What a sick, sad, society we live in. Plastic safety cap? I'm taking that thing down to my basement workshop, firing up my bench grinder and putting such a point on there...
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Perhaps you'd prefer antique receipt spikes?

Also check out these wicked little critters available from this site.
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Easy, fixedgear.. Any spike I've seen with a plastic cap has been nice and pointy, the cap seems to be there for shipping/store display or to be used in between the impaling of receipts.
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My grandfather had one, in the form of a six-inch nail hammered through a small piece of wood. It's not exactly something you'd need to buy.
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i think they also were used in holdups (why bring a weapon when there's one right next to the cash register?)--i haven't seen one in a long time.
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You're going to want to go to a restuarant supply store, such as Restaurant Depot (search for one in your area). They still make them for that market -- pointy, too. Funny you mentioned this, since I spent a lot of time working in restaurants and just last year decided I needed a spike for my receipts. By the way, in restaurant terms, it's just called a spike, as in "Did you spike that dupe already?" A dupe being the duplicate copy of your written order.
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Make your own. Upright or bent using a cut-down wire coathanger pushed thru a tight-fitting hole in a piece of wood.

Trivia: 'Spiking' a story - i.e. rejecting it - involved the report/copy being put on a spike in the newsroom. The Daily Mail (tedious Little Englander tabloid in the UK) used to use trays as a newsman there had spiked himself in the forehead.
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FWIW, I still see them in use at small restaurants pretty frequently.
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Smart and Final carries what you are looking for. I saw several on the shelf today.
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