Help me find this resume template
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Help me find this resume template

Hello, I stumbled upon this page of a project that if I remember correctly was hosted on Github (not too sure though) consisting of a "resume" basically the full web page being a picture of the subject and then a couple sentences to the right and then a couple links to various social networking sites that you might be associated with. Sorry if this is vague, but I am desperately looking to find it.
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This is exactly what I'm looking for, however, there was a web site that provided the source code to be hosted on your own server, any idea where this is?
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DIY via Lifehacker.
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The LifeHacker page isn't what I was looking for, more along the lines of the layout template with the picture of the person with description and links. In fact, the post I am looking for provided the template code to do so
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