Can we whitelist some NR films on our otherwise PG-13 Netflix account?
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My wife and I set our Netflix account to show only PG-13 and below, but now we can't watch shows like The Rockford Files or Sherlock Holmes or even Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries (!), because they're not rated (NR). Is there a whitelist feature we can use, or something like it?

We were sort of tired of our Roku showing R and UR movie covers to our young kids and others who visit, and this has worked out well for us so far. It's just that there are a lot of good NR shows and we want to be able to watch them.

All we can find on the Netflix site so far is a very rough MPAA ratings-based system that doesn't seem to account for this.

I'd also appreciate a good way to contact them and ask about this, as I haven't found one yet.
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This might not entirely accomplish your goal, but if you set up up two separate profiles--one with a PG-13 restriction and one "Unrated Family"--you might be able to get to most of the content you're wanting (I honestly have no idea what you get with an "Unrated Family" level of restrictions, but it's an option). You could even set up a third, unrestricted profile for your wife and yourself, in case you ever want to watch something that doesn't fall into the either two categories.
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I'm pretty sure they have no whitelisting capabilities yet.
You can always setup multiple viewing profiles. In Netflix, go to your account settings. At the bottom, click "Account profiles". From here, you can create subprofiles with different maturity levels.
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bah. should have previewed :)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the tips -- how do you switch between profiles on the Roku player? Is it pretty easy?
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I don't think you can have multiple profiles that stream.
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mkb is right, only the "primary account" on Netflix can stream.
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Response by poster: Bummer.
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