Help me be a Cricket Hero
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Where can I go to watch the Cricket World Cup in Chicago?

I would be an absolute hero to a team of Indian consultants if I could provide a venue for them to watch the 2011 Cricket World Cup somewhere in Chicago. Apparently, someone told them I was the guy and everyday since Monday, they hace been circling. Thanks.
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I think Direct TV is the only provider covering the world cup 2011.

If you can find a bar/pub that's not crowded and has direct tv, I'm sure you can convince them to run the match on at least one tv.
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Can't help with the venue, but you'll need to hurry - first game starts in 15 hours (and it's India playing - "only" against Bangladesh, but I'm sure they'll want to see it). If my maths are right, that's very early morning/late night in Chicago, which might affect your choice of venue?
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The Globe Pub looks like it has you covered.

Direct Link to PDF Schedule.
It features:

Saturday 19th: India vs. Bangladesh 12pm
Sunday 20th: Kenya vs. New Zealand 12pm
Monday 21st: Australia vs. Zimbabwe 6pm

Etc etc.

Also a great bar in general. Decent pub food, huge brew selection.

1934 W Irving Park Road. Take the Brown Line to Irving Park.
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O'Shaughnessy's at Wilson & Ravenswood is also likely to be playing it. Though it looks like you've got it covered.
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If anyone's still interested in the Final: Globe Pub isn't opening early; so they're doing it via tape-delay. O'Shaughnessy's isn't carrying it, and is telling people to go to Globe.
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Wait, now a different staff person said they will open early. Grar. Confused!
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I just called The Globe and the lady said they are showing it and will open at 6am.
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