Help me find this New Yorker cartoon.
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Help me find an electronic version of this New Yorker cartoon. It was published within the past couple of years and is an illustration of a teacher receiving an apple from one of her students; she says something like, "Billy, I don't want an apple. I want money." Thank you!
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this one?
posted by fireoyster at 10:29 PM on February 17, 2011

imgur link in case the original moves before you see it.
posted by fireoyster at 10:31 PM on February 17, 2011

That is it! Thank you so very, very much!
posted by hapax_legomenon at 12:02 AM on February 18, 2011

The cartoonist is Michael Maslin.
posted by bingo at 8:32 AM on February 18, 2011

I am sad because your misremembered caption is funnier than the real one.
posted by pineappleheart at 11:02 AM on February 18, 2011

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