Design book Part II
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A design book to follow Robin Williams' book?

I just read the The Non-Designer's Design Book, and am really enjoying putting the basic ideas to use in anything graphics oriented. If I wanted to go a bit deeper, and not be too technically tied in to any particular software package, what book should I read next?
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It really depends on where you want to go with design...print, web, typography?

But here are a few places to start:
Before & After magazine
Communication Arts

There are many more but it would help to know your specific areas of interest.
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Before&After's How To Design Cool Stuff is, I think, a really good followup to The Non-Designer's Design Book, with a straightforward instruction style.

There is also, of course, William's Design Workshop.

I own both and find them useful and inspiring.
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Some of the ideas in Harrower's Newspaper Designer Handbook go beyond newspapers. Color, typography, arrangement, balance, measurement units, etc.
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