Synth solo in Led Zep's "All My Love"?
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Led Zeppelin's "All My Love": where else has that synth solo been used?

Okay, this is probably a stupid and obvious question, but it's been bothering me for a few weeks. The synth solo in "All My Love": I know it, but from where? I tried to Google sampling of the song and come up with nothing. Who else has used that synth solo? Other songs? Commercials? I suspect this question will be answered quickly but I'm itching to figure it out...
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Also, I realize I've posted this in the wrong section, so hopefully that won't delay my coveted results! Oof.
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The Hood Internet uses it with the vocals from TLC's No Scrubs over it.
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Ronald Jenkees did a really pretty version of the solo.
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On the off chance that you're a Ween fan, they did a nice cover. Maybe that's what you heard?

The Cars did a solo that's kinda sorta in a similar vein, in Hello Again.

Man, that Zep solo is great, though. It makes me proud to see this question on AskMe.
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Oh hey.

John Paul Jones griped that Chicago used his solo from All of My Love in "25 or 6 to 4." So I looked it up. I think this solo is what he's talking about, and it's a pretty good match.

Is that where you heard it?

Source: This Google search
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These are all great suggestions, but the only one that seems close is that obscure 90s song. However, I swear I've heard the solo sampled in full in something, either a song or a commercial, but if the HiveMind is coming up empty then maybe I'm just imagining things?
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