Anonymous Jellyfish
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Asking for a friend - can anyone tell me exactly what type of jellyfish this is?
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I suspect that it's the blue blubber jellyfish.
posted by qxrt at 7:58 PM on February 17, 2011

Someone who's actually a jellyfish-ologist or marine biologist might come by and give you a definitive answer, though, so take my guess with a grain of salt.
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Another pic of a blue blubber jellyfish. And more pics at the wikipedia article itself. Where'd your friend find it?
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I don't think she could even remember where she found it. As far as I know, she just grabbed some random jellyfish photos off the web awhile back and did some paintings based off them; now she has a gallery show and was able to identify all the species' except this one.
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If I had to guess it would be a Catostylus or something related.

The sad truth is that you are asking for a needle in a haystack. Jellys have a huge range of sizes and colors. They also undergo some huge changes when they develop, your jelly could look totally different in the guide books.
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