Nokia 2730 not working.
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Today I bought a Nokia 2730; stupidly, I took the battery out before taking it home. Now, even though it says the battery is charged, the phone won't work. Help!

Sequence of event:

1) bought the phone, had the SIM card put in, made a call;
2) took out the battery;
3) put the battery back in;
4) phone not working (black screen);
5) put the phone on charge: "battery charging" icon appears, and eventually "battery full" message;
6) but when I disconnect the phone from the charger, it won't work (black screen).

Am I screwed? What should I do?
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Sounds like maybe you're pushing the wrong button to turn it on.
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Or assuming that it's switched on by virtue of the charging icons, which generally isn't the case with Nokias -- my old, old Nokia does exactly the same.
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Oh, crap. It works. (the power key is the "end call" key).
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Bring it back to the point of purchase and tell them yours is not working and would like to exchange it for a working one. When they give you new one, ask to switch batteries to see if it is truly charged. If yes, keep that one.
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I love this post.
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To be fair, not all phones need to be turned on. Blackberry phones in particular (at least the ones I've had) will power up as soon as you put the battery in. So the OP may not have ever had a phone that you had to power on.

And hadn't ever had a modern smartphone, which occasionally requires a complete shutdown and restart to make it work right again. Oh Palm OS, I miss you.
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My GF had the same problem for the same reason. Turns out that we get extra jumpy about "possible issues" because of the old Nokias' tendency to randomly turn off. Also the melody makes people dizzy.
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I previously had an LG Rumour 2 (which broke), that had the same "problem"; I've come late to the cell phone game, so I sort of expected a more conventional on/off setup (like the slide you have on many portable gaming consoles).
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