This is my book, in Korean. How can I buy it?
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My book was translated into Korean. How can I buy a copy?

I wrote a book called Crafty Screenwriting. I've recently discovered that it was translated into Korean, where the title seems to be something like "Scenario: Rules for Success."

Somehow my publisher forgot to send me a copy of the Korean translation. I've pestered them to make good, but I think the translation may now be out of print.

(These guys seem to have it listed, but not available.)

I don't read Korean, and I'm mystified how to even Google the Korean title of the book. How can I get a copy of it shipped to me in Montreal? Is there an online bookstore for used books in Korean, and what is their email address?
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The page you linked lists an ISBN. Maybe try searching that?
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Your book is called "시나리오 성공의 법칙." It translates, as you say, to "Scenario: Rules of Success." The page you linked to is a very large bookstore chain in Korea. I'm surprised they don't have it. I did a quick search at Gmarket, and they don't have it either. I'm not sure where else you could go to find it. A quick Google/Naver search didn't turn up anything either. Sorry!
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(There are some places that have it, but you need a login ID, and that'll be difficult/impossible to do unless you're Korean)
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Seems like one option would be to contact a Korean mefite and ask them to buy it for you. I actually did this for another SE Asian mefite who wanted to purchase a garment from an American manf that didn't ship overseas, so it can totally work. He sent me money, I ordered and posted it to SE Asia after it arrived.

A cursory search suggests a few Mefites currently/formerly in Korea...

Joseph Gurl is there

Bardic is a teacher in Korea right now

stavrosthewonderchicken is in the "crinkly bits" of Korea
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I am currently finishing up my year in Seoul, and will be in the NE United States at the beginning of March. I'd be happy to help out with if you need a presence in the brick & mortar store, and could easily get it to you when I'm back in N. America. Shoot me a memail if I can be of any assistance.
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Liked your TV book a lot btw.
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The ISBN led me to The Korean Book Center, a Korean bookstore in LA.
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Unfortunately the book is out of print, so I need to buy it used!
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