Help me find an orthopedist in the Bay Area!
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Can you recommend a great orthopedist in or around San Francisco?

I have a congenital disability that manifests in a number of orthopedic issues, one of which is severe scoliosis. This was partially corrected when I was 11, but I used to visit an orthopedist annually after that just to make sure everything was looking okay. Since I moved to California about five years ago, I've not visited an orthopedist, and it really hasn't been an issue. However, lately I've been having some back pain, and think it might be a good idea to check in with someone.

Sooo, with that TMI background info, my question: Can you recommend a wonderful orthopedist in or around SF that meets the following criteria?

1) Has some pediatric experience, but will accept adult patients (largely as a result of my scoliosis, I am very short-statured which leads to some particular orthopedic complications, so pediatric experience is a plus)

2) Is fairly easy to reach via BART/bus/Muni (it's okay if the person is located in the East Bay or elsewhere, as long as they meet this criterion)

3) Accepts Blue Shield (if you're not sure about this one, no worries, I can check)

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Dr. Stephen Van Pelt at the center for sports medicine.
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