Need help selecting an upgrade from Apple Earbuds.
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Need help selecting an upgrade from Apple Earbuds.

I currently use two sets of earphones: Apple earbuds and Bose Quietcomfort 2. I would like to replace the earbuds with some kind of in-ear headphones that have the sound quality close to or equal to the Bose. I'm willing to spend up to $100 or so, and I need an inline mic and controller as I will be using these with an iphone and want to be able to answer the phone, change tracks, etc.

I've narrowed it down to 3 options so far... any advice or other options I should consider?

Klipsch Image S4i Premium Noise-Isolating Headset - $96
Etymotic Research ER7-MC3-BLACK MC3 Noise Isolating - $98
Shure SE115m+ Sound Isolating Headset - $119

I recognize that the models above differ in the type of ear insert (how far they go in), but having only used earbuds and over-ear models, I don't know which I would prefer.

Thanks for any advice!
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I bought the Shure's for my husband. He is a serious audiophile and he adores them.
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I've heard good things about the Klipsch. The Head-Fi forums are a very good resource for this sort of thing.
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I had a pair of Shure earbuds slightly cheaper than the one you linked to. They sounded good but they were flimsy and fell apart pretty quickly. Now I have a pair of Etymotic Research earbuds, again slightly cheaper than the one you linked to. They're fantastic and much more solid.
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I got a pair of the Etymotics for Christmas, and they're great. When I wear them on the subway, they block everything out.
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Seconding the suggestion to check the Head-fi forums. Based on reading those I got a pair of Head-Direct RE0's when my Shure's died last month and they sound great. Whatever you end up with, consider getting replacement sleeves from Comply Foam. They made a huge difference in the noise isolation and comfort of my Shure's.
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Have you looked at the Bose tri-ports? They won't change tracks, but do everything else you mentioned (answer the phone, pause music, etc.). Plus, they're the only in-ear that reliably, comfortably stay put in my ears.
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I have Klipsch earbuds - not that exact model, but something close - and they are comfortable, reasonably noise-reducing, and their sound is good.
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Wow, I totally blew it on your requirements. Ignore everything I said except for the suggestion to look into the Comply sleeves. My apologies.
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I've been using the Etymotics ER-4 for about six years. If I ever lose them I'll buy another set. Hefty cable, solid construction, fantastic isolation (BART and Muni, I spit myself on you!) and the sound is just beautiful. A little spendy, but totally worth it. So, of your choices I'd pick the ER-7.
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Of those, the Etymotics will (in my opinion--we're in highly subjective territory here) sound best, but for me personally they start to hurt after about half an hour. That's the thing that's hardest to test: whether you can tolerate that style of in-ear at all. I don't know about Comply Sleeves. Maybe they help?
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I've used the Etymotic ER-4p and ER-6. Etymotic rocks - great sound, great noise isolation. I did get better fit with the 4p over the 6, though - the barrel of the 4p is narrower and fits better in my ear canal.

With in-ear buds, I recommend buying from a place that will take returns if they don't fit your ears (or find a friend who's not oogied-out by your trying theirs first).
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I got these for Christmas. Natural wood. You can definitely hear the difference in the sound, but then again, it's subjective and depends on how you like your sound.
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I have had those Klipsch ones for about 3 months now and absolutely love them. They've got great sound isolation as well as bass depth.
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Check out Richard Solo for some interesting selections. He doesn't have a huge selection, but most of what he has is top notch. I just ordered these. Should be here next week. They are in-ear and have a built in mic. BTW, they are only $20 on sale.
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I have the Etymotic HF-2 headphones, which are the next step up from the Etymotic headphones you linked to, and I love them.

Because they've been discontinued and replaced with the HF-3 — as far as I can tell, the only difference is that there are 3 buttons on the hands-free mic (main, plus two volume adjusters) instead of the 1 button that mine has — you can get them for a (relative) song: here they are for $120, down from $180.
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Disregard that link! Those are not the HF-2's!

Here is a link to the correct set of headphones on Amazon. $135 - if you go through the Amazon Marketplace - is still not bad.
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I asked basically the same question a couple weeks ago, and wound up buying the MC3s. They're great, especially with the cone-shaped, flanged tips on them. The sound is good, and the noise isolation is the best I've tried.
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If you decide that you don't want IEMs, but want to upgrade the sound, Yuin makes the best earbuds by far. Note the the highest-end ones, the PK1's and the OK1's, require amping out of an ipod.
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I own the Klipsch s4 and they sound good and are durable. I have owned them for over a year and use it almost everyday.

Here is S4i which has the 3 button apple remote and microphone for $80. Amazon Link
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If you're even the slightest bit handy with a soldering iron, I recommend replacing the earbuds on your Apple ones (so you can preserve the button/mic).

FWIW, I did this with my Apple earbuds and some Koss KSC-75's (since I hate earbuds as they don't stay in my ear right...) and it was bitchin until the button/mic broke... :-/
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I got the Klipsch S4i headphones which are great. However, for best fit for my ears, I ended up using eartips from another set that I was using before, and experimented with different positions before I found one that worked. I ended up with excellent sound isolation, to the point where I turn down the volume almost all the way when wearing them sometimes, and still feel like the sound's OK.

I think with any in-ears, the fit will be key, and that will depend on eartips and earbud position. Some combinations are bad, others are good.
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Another one to consider (I found this based on reviews in the Head-Fi forums) is the Phonak Audeo. I've been very happy with mine (though I have the slightly more expensive standard version rather than the Perfect Bass one to which I linked).
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Response by poster: Update: Couldn't decide between the Ety's and the Klipsch so I ordered both from Amazon to try them out first. I think it'll come down to which in-ear style I like better. Thanks for all the advice!
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