New email notifications for Facebook Pages
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New update to Facebook Pages gives email notifications to admins. I'm one of the admins but don't want these; how do I personally opt out?

Facebook has rolled out a big update to Facebook Pages in the past week or two. I work at a large company, and I'm one of the admins for the company's various Facebook Pages. This is for work purposes, though I rarely ever need to do any administration (there are other Admins of the page who are hired to moderate and add content.) This was never a problem before, but with the new update, I get emails every time someone comments on the company's posts. I can't find any way for a single admin to opt out of these email notifications. Now I'm getting dozens of these emails every day, to my personal email account, which is not harmful but is incredibly annoying. Does anyone have a solution?
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Best answer: If you go to Edit Page, and then the "Your Settings" tab, there's a checkbox just for this:

Email Notifications:
Send notifications to (your e-mail) when people post or comment on your page.
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Response by poster: Ah, don't know why I didn't see that before. Perfect, thanks!
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Glad to hear that solved your problem!
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