Help me find this data visualization blog.
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Good Data and Visualization Blogs? In particular, I recall one based out of an analytics company in Chicago (that maybe uses Python?) that discussed an automated dimensionality reduction using some sort of regression technique.
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I just recently stumbled across eagereyes.
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You might try asking at the FlowingData forums (the FlowingData blog is also excellent).
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"principal component analysis" is one kind of dimensional reduction. Just suggesting that as keyword fodder for your search.
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automated dimensionality reduction using some sort of regression technique

Sounds like an SVM. Take a look at PyML.
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The FlowingData blog (mentioned above) is my favourite regular reading. There's very little original work, but the blog author does a great job summarizing other recent visualization projects and linking you to the original source. Most of the other visualization blogs I read are from folks doing the work themselves, like Ben Fry. They're great but only have posts every few weeks or months.
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It wasn't SVM, PCA, Kohonen, Neural Nets, or any of the usual suspects. I recall it be some sort of regression technique, that was of newish (last 5 years) vintage.

I do know that I read about on a blog hosted out of some company in Chicago :)
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Are you perhaps thinking of Generalized Additive Models?
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So, ancient news here, but I think I was thinking of

Least Angle Regression

or possibly:

Lasso Regression.

I recall that is was automated forward/stepwise selection. I wasn't able to find whatever blog I originally read it on though.
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