Where do I look for cheap wireless earphones?
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I'm looking for an inexpensive set of wireless earbuds/earphones. Where do I start?

I've consulted previous questions relevant to wireless earphones, but most of the questioners involved seem to be looking for 'headphones', not specifically earbuds/earphones.

I'd like to stay in the <£50 range if possible (approximately $80 USD), and anything compatible with the 4th generation iPod shuffle would be great.

Failing that, (as I know a lot of cheap wireless headsets/earphones are reliant on Bluetooth), any slimline, unobtrusive Bluetooth headset that I might use with my non-3G iPad would be equally useful. Sound quality is not a major consideration, so anything not horrifyingly bad will likely do.

I've been on eBay, Amazon and various shopping sites, but I fear my Google-fu is failing me. Any ideas? What worked for you?
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I have "Motorola MOTOROKR S9-HD" and like them a lot. They're wireless blueooth. When I went looking, this seemed to be one of the only options out there. There didn't seem to be too many alternatives.

It looks like there's also an S10-HD version out now, but couldn't tell you the difference.
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Here's an option. This set might work too.
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I was looking for something like this a while back, but I never found anything satisfactory, myself. These from Sony were the most streamlined, earbud-style ones I found, but they're a little above your price range. Keep in mind that you're going to have to get some sort of transmitter for your shuffle if you go for bluetooth, unless there is one already included.
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I have the S9 HD's and they're pretty good. I only really use them for running because Bluetooth kills my phone's battery and the headphone cord doesn't bother me in other situations.

They're crappy for taking phone calls though. I tried it a couple times when I first got them, and the results were "worse than speakerphone" according to my callers.
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Response by poster: My appreciation for the help- the suggestions were exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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