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Best place online to find free/cheap Massachusetts DMV's permit test questions and answers for practice?

Dear all,

I am looking to find practice tests for "learner's permit" multiple-choice exam. I am coming across a bunch of them online, and since most of them are asking some sort of payment, I was wondering if you have any advice as to which one of these sample tests with questions/answers is best for a permit test in Massachusetts?

And, more generally, what sort of experience/hassle taking a permit test is?

All advice/anecdata welcome!
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I have one tip: my boyfriend got his permit in MA a couple of years ago, and he found that a huge percentage of questions on the test (like maybe a quarter?) are about the graduated license restrictions for drivers under 18. Adult drivers who aren't subject to the graduated licensing system are probably likely to skip reading those sections in the drivers ed handbook, but if you do that, you'll fail the test.
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We used this site for my son. It's $20, but they guarantee that you will pass the test first time. He did. This was in VA though.
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According to my 17 year old daughter- the test is 25 questions and you need 17 correct. She used the book provided by the RMV to study but thought you could find practice tests with Google. Your child can sign up for the classroom portion of Driver's Ed without a permit and taking the class before taking the test will reinforce the stuff the future driver will need to know.

The test is a lot harder than it used to be, even compared to just a few years ago. A lot of kids need two or three tries to pass, so let you child know this.

Before you go to the Registry to take the test, be sure and check the wait times on their web site. We drove to a site 30 minutes further away because the wait time was an hour, compared to 3 hours locally.

Oh and after taking driver's ed, and passing the test; while sitting in traffic my daughter had this question. "Why do the lights of the car in front of us go on when we're stopped?" Having teen drivers is a whole new set of parental headaches.
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