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How can I visualize geological phenomenons?

I signed up late for a geology class I'm required to take and it's only available online. While my teacher has made powerpoints and audio lectures available, I'm still not grasping many of the basic concepts (I don't have a strong scientific background). I've searched iTunes U, MIT OpenCourse, etc. but so far I haven't found anything that's been very thorough that includes satisfactory representation visual of geological phenomena. Are there any collections of videos or documentaries that could help me visualize plate tectonics, weathering, etc? The more detailed and extensive the better.

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I recently saw a Nova episode called "Deadliest Earthquakes" which has some animations that show plate tectonics in a pretty understandable way.

The episode is available online at PBS's new video website.
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The USGS has a visual dictionary/glossary.
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I haven't watched them yet, but I've heard good things about How the Earth Was Made. Aside from that, is there anyway you could get someone to tutor you? Could you start a study group?
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Best answer: I always give my intro students the link to webgeology, a site that contains lots of mini-movies and animations explaining geological concepts.
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There is an older show called planet earth and another called the raging earth that would be worth watching.
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