What's a great 1 or 2 week adventure on the West coast?
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I'm looking for a great retreat to do in late March/early April in Northern CA, Oregon or Washington state. I'm going to be in Portland, OR at the end of March and then in San Francisco and LA mid-April. I'm thinking that instead of returning to Vermont in the meantime I could stay on the West coast and find something fun to do (really? ya think?).

I'm interested in a fitness retreat with an emphasis on natural movement that can work for someone who's starting out with no muscles. Learning a sport (something I have NEVER done in any way whatsoever) or a totally new craft or skill would also be interesting. I want to be in a place that has decent food, but other than that the accomodations aren't as important as the authenticity of the experience. I'm not sure how to express what I'm looking for. Something intense and interesting in a beautiful place. Not much to ask, right?
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Esalen? Might be too hippy-dippy. Plus it's south of 'Frisco.

Otherwise, it's hard to narrow the options without knowing what you've NEVER done.

If it was me, and it was summer, I'd sign up for a workshop at Krenov's old school.

Or maybe I'd screw the retreat altogether and just sort of meander down HWY 1 or wherever for a couple of weeks and see what I find.
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To clarify - I meant I'd NEVER done any sports at all, so anything I could do intensively for 2 weeks and achieve a small measure of competence with would be great.
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You could try the beginners' series of yoga at Harbin Hot Springs, stay there during the day on day passes and eat/stay in Calistoga, if the idea of schlepping vegies up to Harbin and staying there didn't appeal to you. Check the Harbin schedule for other things you can do there, too.
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I asked some cool Portland-centric friends for you and will forward any responses.
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