Looking for a bargain on a Dell UltraSharp
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How should I go about getting the best deal on one of the Dell UltraSharp monitors?

I've been using a pretty mediocre 17" Acer monitor for years, till I recently realized that I could now buy something much nicer at a reasonable price. I put the cap at $200, and heard really good things about the Dell UltraSharp U2211H, as well as it recently being on sale for $199.99 at Dell's eBay store. But just a few moments ago, I found that the U2311H, basically the same exact monitor except bigger, was also recently on sale for $199.99.

So now I'd prefer to go after the U2311H, but I have no idea when it might go on sale again, or even if a better model might go on sale in the near future. Does anyone know how often these Dell sales happen? And is there any easy way for me to track sale prices on these monitors, so I'd be automatically emailed when they hit a certain price point?
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One question and two part answer:

What do you do on your computer? If you play games (like first-person shooters), watch video (Youtube, DVD, Blu-ray) or do normal usage such as e-mail, web, whatever, really consider Part Two. If you do graphic design (Photoshop, video editing, anything that is really dependent on true color), the Dell might be the best pick as it is an IPS monitor and generally they are better for graphic artists, but not necessarily everyone else.

Only people who like to give money away pay "full" Dell prices. They cut back the number of coupons freely available a few years ago, but you can still find huge numbers of coupon codes floating around the internet. When my parents bought a Dell desktop, they about poo'd when I found a 40% coupon code. That being said, google like mad for coupon codes for Dell monitors. The most recent Dell monitor coupon code, 30PMonitor$149up, expired yesterday (30% off of regular price for monitors over $149). D'OH! But don't fret, a new one will pop up soon.

Part two. Can over 3,000 nerds be wrong? Newegg lists three different Asus brand monitors as their top rated. In fact, the only Dell monitor rated 5 eggs is their Ultrasharp 30" monitor, which costs an ungodly $1400 (it's a 2560x1600 monitor and enthusiast class). I checked on Tom's Hardware Forums as well, and they all point at the Asus monitors first. The Asus monitors are 23", 23.6" and 24". Prices range $180-200.
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For prices on these types of goods I go to Fatwallet's Hot Deals Forum. They have folks that seem hellbent on getting the best possible deal. I suggest riding their coattails.
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Setup a deal alert on Slickdeals.
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