Food delivery in Portland, OR
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Food delivery as a gift in Portland, OR?

A friend in Portland just had twins and I'd like to get her a gift certificate to get some meals delivered - can anyone suggest ways to make this happen that will give them a choice between a decent number of restaurants?

Bonus points for non-chain, and w/at least some healthy, vegetarian options.

Googling turns up a few services, but w/out a gift certificate/credit option.
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I've never used them, but Delivered Dish has a lot of options and will do gift certificates:

(great idea btw)
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Not exactly a meal, but some nice alternatives that are healthy, vegetarian and very delicious! (I've gotten things from both these companies multiple times)

Edible Arrangements are gorgeous:

Also, Harry and David have a wider selection of things, but fall more on the "unhealthy" side. They do have gift cards, though if you are unsure what to get:

(Their pears are especially delicious though, even out of season--yes they deliver! (: )

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Thanks, lilnublet - I overlooked the gift certificate option on the Delivered Dish site when I first looked it over.
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Does she like soup? And if so, does she like it delivered by bicycle?
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Seconding Delivered Dish, which has been great in the past — haven't used it recently.

Re: Harry and David, note that they may not be around much longer
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It's a chain, but a very local, responsible and loved one: New Seasons Market has a fairly well developed home delivery setup. You could easily order components, or full meal items from their deli (which isn't half bad at all!).
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Thanks for the additional suggestions, folks - if there are more kids in the future, I'll definitely make use of them. Soupcycle looks especially good.
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