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[AncientMacintoshFilter] Is there a way to get an eMac to fileshare with a G3 (blue-and-white tower)? In the good old days, I would have whipped out an AppleTalk cable and called it done, but the eMac does not have an AppleTalk port.

The eMac is running OS 10.4.11, so, in theory, AppleTalk is still supported. I have firewire, ethernet, and USB ports available on both machines. My google-fu in this case has been google-FEH, and a phone conversation with the local mac dealer was not exactly confidence-inspiring. Currently, I'm transferring stuff with a thumb drive, but would love a solution that is less of a PITA. Thanks!
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If it was a one time thing, and I pray to God it's a one time thing, I would take the drive out of one of the motherfuckers and hook it up to a USB/IDE adapter (did old Macs like that use IDE?) and plug it into the other machine and mount the volume and copy the data over.

Or, in theory, you could hook them up via Ethernet with a switch or router and install an FTP server or something on one of them and just run it on the little LAN you've created.
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That second solution, would obviously rely on ethernet.
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I would try creating an Ethernet connection and use file sharing. You might not even need a hub or switch, or any special software; depending on the model of the eMac it will automatically detect a direct ethernet connection and work in crossover mode. Try the instructions here, or search for "mac ethernet file sharing."
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A crossover cable and two static IP addresses will do you just fine if you need them both running at once; alternatively you can hook them up with firewire and boot one of them into target disk mode.
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If they both have Firewire ports, and you don't need to be using the OS on both simultaneously, then target disk mode is the answer here.
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with firewire on both boxes, target disk mode will be the easiest solution - no need to configure anything, it Just Works™...
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Yup, if you're just trying to move stuff, target disk mode, where you restart holding down the f key on the mac you want to act as a hard drive on the other mac.

On macs, you could also hook them up with a regular ethernet cable and enable networking to share stuff. The ports can sense if they are hooked up to a computer or a network and switch automatically. This works pretty well if they both have BonJour and file sharing.
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Those two Macs are both modern enough to just ethernet together via a $12 hub, or directly together with a crossover cable. You'll definitely be able to use regular old File Sharing. No need for any other software.

Hell, you could do that even if they were old OS 9 Macs.
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rokusan - any half-modern Mac, almost certainly including the B&W G3, will have auto sensing crossover ethernet ("auto MDI/MDIX")... so any ether cable, x-over or not, would be able to connect the 2 machines...
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Firewire Target Mode is the easiest option.
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Yup, if you're just trying to move stuff, target disk mode, where you restart holding down the f key on the mac you want to act as a hard drive on the other mac.

Actually, it's the 'T' key, but everything else is spot-on.
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You don't even need static IP addresses. Connect 'em with an Ethernet cable and they'll give themselves link-local addresses (169.254.something) and you'll be able to see each from the other over Bonjour.
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Sorry folks: The B&W G3 does not support Target Disk Mode, nor does its ethernet card support autosensing. (That said, the latter is a moot issue, as the eMac *does* support this, and only one end needs to support this to operate properly -- chaining two G3s together would require a crossover cable)

That said, Apple's documentation seems to indicate that OS9 supports AFP. In this case, you just need to enable File Sharing via TCP/IP on the G3, and do a 'Connect to Server' from one or the other (entering afp://[OTHER MACHINE'S IP ADDRESS] when prompted).

If you're not plugging into a larger network with a DHCP server, you'll also need to set static IP addresses on both machines.
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The B&W G3 does not support Target Disk Mode

Upon researching this, schmod is correct. Use a crossover Ethernet cable and use the Finder's "Connect to Server..." to connect from one Mac to the other.
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OK, thanks all who participated! What I'm getting from this discussion is:

1) The thumb drive has less of a posterior-to-pain ratio than I initially estimated.

2) Ethernet should do the trick, may or may not need a crossover cable depending on whether the eMac has the ATI graphics package (I'll have to check).

3) Better links/search terms regarding this issue.

I marked a best answer, but you've all been invaluable in sorting this out.

kbanas, will it make you cry if I tell you that, no, unfortunately the B&W tower is my only portal to PhotoShop outside the corporate-owned workplace? That the system 9.X that was installed on it crashed and, being that my friend and I flaked on making a boot disc and he moved out of town, I had to revert to OS 8.6? That I only have dial-up? and that I have to go mount some SyQuest™ cartridges now? Just kidding ... about the SyQuest™ cartridges.

Sir Hive Mind, you've been far more assistance than a peck of Watsons!
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