Internet writer romance scandal
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I need help remembering a story/internet scandal thing! Details inside.

I remember reading about a young female writer in New York City who had a blog on which she talked about many things, including her personal/romantic life. She was a freelance writer, and she became romantically involved with a male editor/writer from one of those Gawker-type (possibly even Gawker?) websites with celebrity sightings and all that. She wrote about the relationship on her blog and they ended up breaking up and it was very messy, and I believe she wrote a big piece about this when it happened.

I can remember only one more detail: she was a writer for one of those celebrity-sighter type websites and she was interviewed on television about it. She shrilly defended the invasion of the celebrities' privacy. I remember her writing later how awful she came across in the interview.

Anyway, that's about all I can remember! What is this woman's name? Who was the writer/editor she was linked with? Thank you!
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Was it Emily Gould's article Exposed for the NY Times? It's about blog oversharing and she did work for Gawker.
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Response by poster: Yes! Thank you danceswithlight!
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I also vote Emily Gould.
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She also details her experiences in her new book I just finished, And The Heart Says Whatever
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