Movie title? Man attacked by demons, etc.
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I am trying to remember the title of a movie. The plot is that a man is being attacked by demons wherever he goes. At some point he realizes he is in purgatory and the demons are actually angels working to free him from his attachment to the material plane. Anyone?
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Best answer: Isn't that what Jacob's Ladder is all about?
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Best answer: It's Jacob's Ladder for sure. Great movie.
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Best answer: Jacob's Ladder relevant quote here
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That movie still freaks me out.
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Best answer: If you like that movie you might be interested in the book "The Great Divorce" by C. S. Lewis (which, of course, was inspired on even older works). Just "throwing it out there".
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Jacob's Ladder, but a damned shame this question couldn't be asked without spoiling the hell out of the movie for anyone unlucky enough not to have seen it yet. :-(
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone for the response. Yes, Decani that did occur to me. I wasn't sure of a spoiler-free way to ask my question...
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