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What audio editing software should I use if I want loops to be automatically detected? This seems like a fairly simple task - all the program would have to do is identify repeating waveforms.

Currently, I have Audacity and Ableton Live, and neither seem to have this functionality. Any suggestions?
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Katja's page talks about the technical issues around automatic beat detection, using Pure Data as a "sketch pad" of sorts for processing data on the fly. It looks like some of ended up in his Slice//Jockey applet.
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Acid Pro has beat mapping functionality for tracking out WAV or mp3 loops. It does a pretty good job and can loop or beatmap most imported clips.
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Technically, what I think you might be looking for is called autocorrelation. Not something I'd expect to find in a DAW package, but a very widely used signal processing technique for finding predetermined patterns buried in noise.
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