Sell or lease a /24 IP block?
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I have a /24 and I want to put it to use as income either leasing it, or selling the company they are allocated to. Where would such a thing be advertised, or sought by potential buyers? How much of a pain in my @$$ is leasing them really going to be?

The Internet is full, and I have a /24 that I can either use or live without given the right persuasion. IPv4 space being a resource that is according to many accounts, going up in value all of a sudden... I would like to put mine to use making me some income if possible.

First, I do NOT want to host websites any more. I've had my fill with trying to do the whole web host/developer thing, and I'm just tired of it. I want a 0 maintenance paycheck(s) from here on out if possible.

Specifically I see 2 options here:

1) Lease the IP space out. I read a few MeFi threads where folks suggested this and outlined using SWIP to get it done. If I want to go this way, where would one advertise a /24 that is up for 'lease'? And would this really be a 0 maintenance kind of arrangement on my end?

2) Sell my 'company' they are allocated to, and enact a transfer of the IP block. I'm not against this. I would be okay with letting them go for enough of a 'cash-out' option. Not looking for a million dollars, but I'd like something reasonable. What would a company who's only asset is a /24 pretty much, get valued at? What would this entail? And again, where would one have the best visibility dangling it out for potential buyers to notice?
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I doubt that there is a shortage of /24s; it's big companies that want /19s or bigger that are out of IP space. A random /24 is not hard to find; I'm sure I could get one today with the spare change that's under my couch.

The IP space crisis is like disk fragmentation; everyone wants a big continuous block, but that's what we are short on. 256 IPs here and there... not a problem, there are 16 million of 'em.
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If you've got legacy address space that isn't being charged the ARIN annual fee, it's probably worth a few thousand bucks. If not, I'd guess your address space is worth almost nothing since ARIN is still allocating /24s there isn't any benefit to buying the block you've got.

The maintenance associated with having someone else use your address space should be nothing more than filling out the SWIP form once you find someone who for some reason wants to rent it.

I'd imagine it would be significantly easier to find someone who wants to buy the netblock rather than lease it since if they want provider neutral space they can go to ARIN otherwise they can most likely get a /24 for free from their ISP.
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Does this company have its own ASN that is the registered party responsible for the /24 ?

Generally I don't think it's particularly valuable unless the space is truly portable and you have a corporate entity with its own ASN that has been allocated a /20. There are more than a thousand "idle" ARIN-registered ASNs that have IP space allocated they're not advertising.
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